Understanding Cultures with
our Cultural Map

Our Cultural Map is a self-reflection tool based on well-known cultural dimensions that helps to identify cultural and personal values.

  • Understand personal and cultural values
  • Act with intercultural sensitivity and competence
  • Be successful working with customers and colleagues worldwide
  • Avoid misunderstandings

Cultural Map – broadening horizons

The cultural map is your digital compass, guiding you through the diverse landscapes of your own values and beliefs.

Through self-reflection with the cultural map, you can:

  • Better understand your own cultural imprints and perspectives.
  • Identify and address your own development potentials when combining the Cultural Map with a training/coaching.
  • Design your learning transfer even more individual when combining our Cultural Map with a coaching/training – the effectiveness and sustainability of your training or coaching increase.

Flexible and effective
way of self-development

Whether you are preparing for intercultural cooperation or simply want to deepen your understanding of cultural diversity, the cultural map offers you a flexible and effective way of self-development.

Use this innovative tool on its own or as a pre-task for intercultural trainings and discover the treasures of your own cultural landscape. Get ready for a journey of insight and growth with the cultural map by your side.

Do you want to use our Cultural Map as a way of self-reflection?

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