• Logo Evonik
    “Yet again, I would like to express my continuing enthusiasm for your training courses and our trainer Xueli Yuan. It was simply terrific how he conducted the course and responded to all of our questions. It couldn’t have been better!”
    Ms. Christine Schneider (2010)
    Evonik Services GmbH
  • Logo Biom
    “For operators of small biotechnology businesses that need to act globally right from the start, intercultural training in the run-up to business contacts is extremely important. At such cultural preparation seminars, ti communication has demonstrated its expertise in an exemplary fashion, and the courses have proven to be excellent preparation for trade shows and business trips abroad.”
  • Mr. Yu Fang (2009)

    "We found the training very helpful and informative. We are impressed by the materials prepared for the training, which addressed well the problematic areas which we could encounter. We would like to thank Mr Yuan for his great training and the help he extended to our family during those two days and after."

    Mr. Yu Fang (2009)
    Munich Re, Germany
  • Logo Hilti

    "That was one of the most useful trainings I participated in during my 10 years of professional experience, thanks!"

    Aron Szilagyi (2019)
    Hilti Corporation
  • Mr. Christian Schrofler, Head of Marketing & Communications (2011)
    “With regard to the international orientation of Voith Paper and our intensive cooperation with China as well as India, these training courses for our employees provide valuable support with great success. A sustainable investment!” 2011, Mr. Christian Schrofler, Head of Marketing & Communications, Voith Paper GmbH & Co. KG
  • ECB, Frankfurt (2020)
    "The temporary grouping dta international/ti communication/red onion has been awarded a contract with the European Central Bank for the provision of Learning and Development Activities as part of a ranking system together with 4 other entities. The scope of services includes learning and development activities in the areas of ‘(Inter) personal’ and ‘People Management’ skills. Examples of skill areas include communication skills e.g. drafting, visualisation, storytelling, assertiveness, etc., generic business skills e.g. change management, project management, design thinking, etc., personal growth e.g. stress management, time management and career planning, etc., people management skills e.g. performance management, recruitment, etc. (full details are publicly available at the ECB tender notice)."
    ECB, Frankfurt (2020)
    European Central Bank (ECB)
  • Mr. Markus Kruming, Head of the Seminar Center (2013)
    "Working with you, especially on complex international issues, means tremendous added value for our entire organization.”
  • "Hi Stephan, it has been great to have the opportunities to sit in all the four modules of “Train The Online Trainer Module”. Sharing of your rich experience, new ideas, tools & skillset…which is inspiring. It benefits for adopting the new normal. Thanks a lot. Likewise, stay safe and healthy."

    Mr. Wallace Lam (2021)
    Omicron Energy, Hong Kong

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