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Wherever you are, we’re already there! Acting with agility – living leadership – understanding cultures: That is what
ti communication stands for.
"Think inclusively" is our approach. In more than 130 countries, we can support companies and organizations cross-culturally to prepare for and accompany skilled employees and managers in the successful mastering of their international challenges. We develop and work with individually tailored solutions and blended learning formats – for your success.

How we work

Momentum in every direction

There is no one single solution for every situation. We view your needs in a holistic and individual way. This means that we take various perspectives, run through contingencies and consider all decisive factors.

Dancing eye to eye

The most important success factor for your project is you! That is why it is important to us for you to feel comfortable. A collaborative development of solutions is just as important to us as supportive and respectful cooperation.



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Account & Project Management

Doris Aringer

Account & Project Management

Sophie Lüdecke

Workingstudent Marketing

Helena Schindler

Business Development

Helene Schwarzkopf

Accounting Assistent

Lia Specht

Training Organization


All Level Super Consultant


All Level Super Consultant


Innovation and reliability have a history.

Ever since the founding of our predecessor company, Dr. Fischhof Ges.m.b.H. in 1960 in Vienna, we have continued to grow. In the process, continuity and reliability are just as vital as innovation and dynamics. Would you like to find out more about our history? The following timeline highlights the most important phases.
  • 2021ti communication repositions itself

    Nothing is more constant than change. The period during the corona crisis is used to implement a complete company relaunch, long since in planning. The three business areas “Agility,” “Leadership,” and “Cultures” are now represented on equal footing. The new logo and image design now reflect the dynamics inherent in the company.
  • 2020ti communication celebrates 20 years

    On this evening, we celebrated the company’s 20th anniversary in person and with participants tuned in virtually from around 30 countries. The CCI took the opportunity to award the company for its special merits.
  • 2020ti communication Austria GmbH

    The firm ti communication Dr. Fischhof GmbH is renamed ti communication Austria GmbH. Mid-year, Konrad Noé-Nordberg takes over as general manager in Vienna. Starting with moving the office to the 14th district the previous year, the company’s restructuring in Austria is completed. The course has been set for further expansion.
  • 2015INTERCHANGE conference and the 15th anniversary of ti communication

    In the time-honored Salzstadel building in Regensburg and with around 100 guests in attendance, the firm celebrates its 15th anniversary and its first INTERCHANGE conference. During the day, 12 different subject-specific workshops are held in the medieval structure. The day’s proceeds are donated to Doctors without Borders.
  • 2015The Regensburg office moves to Fröhliche-Türken-Straße

    It is the hottest summer, with temperatures reaching 40°C! Every box means sweat, work continues in parallel in two temporary offices and it then ends, as usual, in a barbecue for all helpers and friends.
  • 2009Susanna Bezzel becomes a managing partner in Regensburg

    Along with Gerhard Hain (photo left), Susanna Bezzel (photo right) assumes management of ti communication GmbH in Regensburg. Since that time, through steady growth, the company has established itself as a leading provider of intercultural training and coaching in and in relation to more than 130 countries. Services addressing human resources and organizational development are added to the range as an additional focus in this period.
  • 2008Change of name to ti communication Dr. Fischhof GmbH

    Together, Gerhard Hain and Dr. Georg Fischhof, who was already 86 years old at the time, decide to reposition the firm Dr. Fischhof Ges.m.b.H. Expertise developed over decades and years of experience thus become integrated in a common network. In the following years, the two Vienna managers Dr. Peter Berger (photo left) and Gerhard Hain (photo right) expand the enterprise, making it a significant location for the Central and Eastern European markets.
  • 2004Change of name to ti communication

    "Team interculturale" becomes "ti communication" and "ti translation." The latter enterprise is later sold. However, ti communication establishes itself in the market, and in the May 2004 issue of the magazine FINANZtest is evaluated as “exceptionally good” as an expert for workshops on China. Of the ten training institutions tested, only three receive this result. In the category “Tailored toward participants’ needs,” our workshop was the only one to receive the top mark.
  • 2000Foundation of Team interculturale

    Gerhard Hain in Regensburg and Sonja Engelbert in Verona team up to establish Team interculturale. Their range of services comprises translation and intercultural training, initially with a focus on Italy. Both sites represent the starting point for today’s network and the firm ti communication. Sonja Engelbert leaves the company in 2006 but remains a very close friend of the firm.
  • 1960Foundation of Dr. Georg Fischhof Ges.m.b.H.

    Dr. Georg Fischhof establishes the firm Dr. Georg Fischhof Ges.m.b.H. in Vienna. Through the use of psychological interviews and tests serving the scientifically sound selection of personnel for companies and organizations, he was thus a pioneer in Austria for the then largely unknown realm of human resources management. He also founded MENSA in Austria, wrote several reference books on psychology and is an honorary citizen of Austria.