Intercultural Short Workshop – Virtually: High Performance Communication Strategies

- Across Time-Zones, Cultures and Technologies

26 September 2019, virtually

Registrations will be accepted until: 29 August 2019
11 a.m. - 1 p.m. PST (8 p.m. – 10 p.m. CET)
Language: English
Price: 220,- USD or 189,- € + VAT

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Sabine Amend


This workshop focuses on communication strategies to support high performance through communication behaviors which mitigate the challenges of geographical distance, time-zones, and technology, as well as a range of cultural styles. Both tasks and relationship quality need to be attended for optimal results globally, albeit in varying constellations. This is why flexibility in using a broad toolkit is centrally important.

This workshop will address the following topics:

  • Fish and Water: Culture as the Invisible Force in Multi-Cultural Groups
  • Cultural Patterns and their Impact on Communication Styles
  • Matching Technology, Task and Culture(s)
  • Facilitation Techniques for Group Performance


The purpose of this workshop is building your thinking on the specific factors which influence performance in multicultural remote teams, and how to manage them to strengthen communication effectiveness. You will gain knowledge and tools, so that

  • Your coordination and projects run smoothly
  • Your engagement and that of your communication partners is increased
  • Conflict can be prevented more readily
  • You save time, nerves and money

Case Study

You are in regular telephone conferences with members from three different continents. Two of the people on the call talk all the time, while the rest is mostly quiet. After the meetings, follow-up on tasks is slow or non-existent. How could this work better?

Price & number of participants

  • Price: 220,- USD or 189,- € + VAT - Inquire about reduced group rates!
  • Number of participants: 1-8 persons. Guarantee: Even if we receive only one registration, the training will take place (without any extra charges)!


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