Training Conflict Mediation:

Intercultural Conflict Management and Problem Solving between Mexico and Germany

16 January 2020 in Mexico City

Registrations will be accepted until: 16 December 2019
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. CDT
Language: English
Price: 30510,- MXN or 1390,- € + VAT

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Robert Schuller


An intracultural conflict can already be pretty stressful, but solving a conflict between members of different cultures often becomes a real mammoth task. In such a situation it is not only necessary to deal with the different forms of communication during the conflict. Especially the coordination system of the specific cultural values has a big impact on how extremely a conflict is perceived and therefore also fought out. However, in many organizations the mediators between the parties involved in a conflict don’t pay enough attention to the intercultural aspect. This can often lead to an escalation of the conflict and impedes dramatically its resolution. For that reason, this training focuses especially on the question, how an efficient and flexible intercultural conflict management could look like, and how culture-sensitive problem solutions can be achieved in organizations. The following topics will be discussed in detail during the training:

  • Intercultural mediation techniques
  • Negotiations in an intercultural environment
  • Categorization of conflicts and problems
  • Intercultural competent solutions for the most frequent problems in organizations
  • Cultural differences for topics like justice, harmony or pragmatism
  • Impact of cultural stereotypes on the process of problem solving
  • Analysis of specific conflict situations by using graphic examples


This training has the aim to show intercultural approaches for solving conflicts and problems in international organizations. At the same time, it will be illustrated, how interculturality can contribute to the process of finding solutions instead of perceiving it as a potential problem, as it is often done.


The methods we will use in the training include:

  • Lecture and discussion
  • Analysis of case studies
  • Inclusión of real case studies from the participants
  • Group work
  • Exercises
  • Role plays
  • Participant-orientated reflections

Case Study

Mr. Rodriguez has now for quite some time the impression that his German boss Mr. Münzinger doesn’t consult him enough before taking important decisions, or rather that his suggestions aren’t considered at all. Mr. Münzinger on the other side thinks that his Mexican staff member Mr. Rodriguez is lethargic when it comes to fulfill his tasks and that he seems to have become less motivated over the years. This situation has a negative impact on the whole department, because both sides drop more and more frequently polemic comments about the other person.

Target Group

Our intercultural training is for Mexican and German managers and skilled workers who have already had - or will have - contact with members from the other culture and therefore need to learn about the intercultural impact on the structural and functional development of international organizations.

Price & number of participants

  • Price: 31.000,- MXN or 1390,- € + VAT - Inquire about reduced group rates!
  • Number of participants: 1 - 12 persons. Guarantee: Even if we receive only one registration, the training will take place (without any extra charges)!


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