What your Personality Tells You about Your Stress Management


The personality of a person determines their way of thinking, their perspectives, feelings, as well as behavior and always “accompanies” a person. In fact, it is about the individualism and the distinguishing characteristics of a person. It helps to adopt and also to conquer the challenges of life. One of these challenges is stress. The way we deal with stress, is a significant aspect of our personality.









Image of two young businessmen using touchpad at meetingThe personality is a constant which is not only connected to psychological influences (environmental influences), but also to the biological influences (genetic inheritance) and needs. The development of our personality is a very slow process and connected to the experiences that influence or change our lives. Thereby, it is important to make a clear differentiation to the character: In contrast to the personality, the character is not a constant and cannot be inherited. It is influenced by different factors such as family, friends, in other words, our cultural environment. The character relates back to some components of the personality though, such as the temperament and habits, etc. The total of these components are determined by experiences and social relationships.

What Kind of Personality Do I Have?

Back in the days, different scientists assumed that there were about four thousand aspects to a character. Nowadays, it is possible to examine the personality of a person with five distinct personality traits, based on the five-factor-model. Depending on the person, the intensity of the character traits varies and may occur in a combination. The components of the five-factor-model are:

  1. Extraversion
  2. Neuroticism
  3. Openness to experience
  4. Conscientiousness
  5. Agreeableness

Table 1. Typical characteristics of different personality types

Where do you recognize yourself in these characteristics?

Stressmanagement Table 1


Personality Development: Reasons to Start With the Personality Development

Personality development

Personality development is a long, individual process which will never be completed. There will always be something new to learn, to develop and to improve. Developing yourself personally means to purposefully guide your own life through tactics, approaches and attitudes, rather than to leave it to chance. This gives people the opportunity to grow personally, develop a stable and strong personality, and thus, the potential to deal with stress more effectively…so, all in all, to live a happier life.

5 valuable advantages of personality development:

  1. Getting to know yourself
  2. Better understanding of life goals, setting priorities and planning of good strategies
  3. Living more resiliently, relaxed and satisfied
  4. Living more independently and freely
  5. Last but not least: Overcoming stress successfully and dealing with problems more flexibly

Now, how and when to start with the personality development? Here you can find 10 helpful tips.


Stress: Why is Stress Management Important?

StresNowadays, it happens often that work pressure and work overload create stress. This can lead to many physical symptoms such as high blood pressure, stomach complaints and sleeping disorders. A useful remedy is stress management – it helps to keep cool in stressful situations. Stress means a discrepancy between a person’s intrinsic and extrinsic expectations. It is a physical reaction of the organism (from the medical point of view), to become extra resilient and efficient temporarily. Constant stress situations can harm the immune system, more specifically the body and mind, which increase the probability of cardiovascular diseases and psychological illness.

Our personality determines how we deal with stress. If you are too helpful, there is a danger of taking on too much work. Colleagues cope with private stress very differently: Some find a great distraction through work, others, can concentrate less or even take their mood out on their colleagues. The entirety of all techniques and tactics that help master stress and stressful situations is known as stress management.

Stress management can be seen from two different perspectives:

  • Personal stress Management: Taking the own initiative to reduce stress
  • Organizational stress management: Actions from the management and leaders, which create a pleasant work environment to eliminate stress, burdens and helplessness. This way, the productivity and satisfaction of employees will be supported.

Since stress also occurs outside of work, individual stress management is just as important. This will help you to become and successfully remain stress-free.

Often, people do not realize how stressed they are and do not notice the signals of their own body. We cannot avoid stressful situations in our everyday lives and also not at work. If we do not take action to cope with these situations and to recharge after them, they can lead to depression, burnouts, physical complaints, etc. That is why it is of profound importance to notice stress in early stages and conquer it with efficient stress management.


Do You Know Your Stress Type?

Hand writing in book

In order to fight stress factors specifically and successfully, you must be aware of your personal stress type. There are numerous online tests that can help you determine it. In the literature, there are many different stress types. Following, we will introduce three main stress types and their characteristics:

Stressmanagement Table 2


How Do You Cope With Stress?


What helps with stress? How can you overcome stress? These questions are very common amongst people who deal with stress every day. There are numerous possibilities, to avoid or reduce the amount of stress. Many of them consist of mental trainings, which help to turn a negative attitude into a positive one.

A mental or emotional balance is the basic requirement for more endurance, creativity, resilience and performance. Also the employer benefits: while the employee motivation increases, absences due to illness decrease. Optimism, taking breaks and moving outside, enjoying the fresh air are good, acute approaches. After work, employees must be able to recharge in order to achieve the perfect work-life-balance.


6 Tips for stress management

  1. Structure your work day through planning and prioritization
  2. Take breaks at the right time to recharge and increase your concentration
  3. Communicate with your colleagues and recommend to solve complex issues as a team
  4. Move at work to avoid tense muscles and back pain
  5. Learn to say “No”: If you are already under high pressure, it is better to reject certain requests and assignments
  6. Shape your free time in a way, so that you feel energized again

In the offer of our open trainings, you will find a variety of trainings and coaching around the topic of stress management. Your location is not listed? Get in touch with us and we will create an individual offer to meet your needs!

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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

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