Training is a process – not an event

We have elaborated this training principle, which has served us for years, and present the “ti communication Learning Process”. As a development partner, we have always stood by you with sense and sensibility – consistently making sure to design our projects to be specifically tailored to your company’s needs. In our training approach, we thus take into consideration the newest findings in learning research, which enables us to provide you with an even better offer at the same conditions: Improved user orientation, a more intensive and interactive framework than ever before and independent learning are the key words upon which our concept is based. With it, we optimize knowledge transfer into the participants’ workday, making it possible to design our services to be even more sustainable for you.

Using the tic-Process for sustainable success

What does this mean for your company in concrete terms? Our offer consists of a 5-phase program that will support your employees even more effectively in successfully implementing what they have learned:

ti communication Learning Process PreworkPrework

Our training process starts well before our trainers start working with your employees in the seminar. A few weeks prior, our experienced consultants work intensively on your request. In order to develop a training course tailored to your needs, we include the employees in the development process, so that they can start thinking about the material at an early stage and be motivated to provide their initial reflections.


Face to Face Seminarti communication Learning Process Face2Face

The next step represents the heart of the ti communication learning process: The Face to Face Seminar with our experienced trainers. We place particular value in methodical and varied planning that leaves room for interaction, discussion and reflection. In doing so, we involve the participants actively in working out individual strategies and concrete tasks to be able to actually implement the lessons learned in a work-day situation.

ti communication Learning Process 1st ImplementationFirst Phase Implementation

If initial implementation does not occur within the first 72 hours of “good intentions”, the probability of implementation decreases to under 5%. That is why we encourage participants in this critical phase to actively use individually defined actions. At the same time, we support the reinforcement of new knowledge by sending participants comprehensive practice material. Moreover, we provide our e-larning tool "Country Navigator" from that phase on so that the partcipants have the opportunity to independently consolidate material from the training course as well as to expand newly-acquired knowledge.


Follow Upti communication Learning Process Follow-up

According to the ti communication philosophy, in order to ensure the lasting effect of the transfer of knowledge, it must be embedded into a long-term learning process. Thus, we support your employees for two to six months after the training course with follow-up measures. This includes the opportunity for participants to work together with our trainers in analyzing and reflecting upon questions and problems that have emerged during implementation of the learned material.

ti communication Learning Process Continous ImplementationContinuous Implementation

In the previous phases, we created the optimal prerequisites for long-term integration of the material in the work day. Now it is the responsibility of the participants themselves to apply their new knowledge: While continuing the learning process in a self-directed manner the participants have the possibility to use our eLearning tools which facilitate the transfer of knowledge into the daily routine. We and our senior experts will be at your side to support you in this effort, stimulating the course participants to further reflection.

With our “ti communication Learning Process”, we are pleased to present an approach that emphasizes our training expertise even more: Over an extended period of time, we can support to our customers and all training participants even more specifically and intensively. Because that is what ti communication stands for in Regensburg, Vienna, Shanghai and Zurich: professional service with sense and sensibility.

Do you have more questions? We would be happy to meet with you personally and provide you with details and advice on what your personal learning process could look like.

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