Training Intercultural Team Development

- Mess or Magic? Working in Multicultural Teams

28 April 2020, virtually

Registrations will be accepted until: 28 March 2020
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST
Language: English
Price: 220,- USD or 198,- € + VAT

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Sabine Amend


In this one-day workshop, we will work experientially and interactively on what it takes to create performance “magic” in multicultural teams. Relevant knowledge and skills to understand and improve communication and productivity to navigate the invisible impact of cultural differences will be built up. This includes expectations regarding leadership, decision-making and time-management. Moreover, we will address effective approaches to building and maintaining trust as a major resource, and how to foster participation and engagement across different perspectives. The overall goal is improved performance.


  • Effective influencing of positive team dynamics
  • Strengthened individual and group performance in teams
  • Improved quality, reliability and financial outcomes in projects
  • Higher engagement and energy

Case Study

In your team, small sub-groups cluster with each other, often even breaking off into different language conversations.

Target Group

  • Members and managers of teams with high multi-cultural diversity, within the US and internationally
  • HR professionals
  • Leaders in growth-organizations planning to or who have already begun to expand internationally

Price & number of participants

  • Price: 220,- USD or 198,- € + VAT -Inquire about reduced group rates
  • Number of participants: 1-12 persons. Guarantee: Even if we receive only one registration, the training will take place (without any extra charges)!


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