Business Training: Leadership in the World of Work 4.0

– Resilience as Key Leadership Skill

16 September 2019 in Berlin

Registrations will be accepted until: 19 August 2019

9 a.m. – 5 p.m. MEZ
Language: English
Price: 1.630,- USD or 1390,- € + VAT

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Your Coach:

Ariane Füchtner


The acronym V.U.C.A. (short for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) describes the changed framework under which companies need to be organized and under which staff members need to be led, where resilience as a meta-competency is becoming increasingly important. On the one hand, this new leadership skill represents the daily balancing act between stability and agility. On the other hand, it stands for coping with unforeseen, complex work situations and the art of emerging stronger from a crisis.

In this training, you will get a theoretical understanding of burnout and toxic stress, including definitions and dimensions on the social, organizational and personal level. You will be able to identify the early warning signs of chronic stress in yourself and others. You will learn about the biology of our stress response and our autonomic nervous system, and how those systems influence our body function, physical sensations, emotional health and our higher brain centers. Similar to our immune system, which protects our body from illness, resilience refers to the immune system of our psyche or soul: it helps us to deal with stress, pressure and crises. Resilience is natural expertise within us, waiting to be developed. In order to develop and train our resilience, we will address the following topics:

  • What is resilience and what makes it so special?
  • Resilienz-Zirkel-Training® (The Bamboo Resilience Circle Training): eight areas of expertise to make yourself and your employees more resilient and flexible in dealing with “turbulence“
  • The neuroscience of stress: how your brain and body responds to stress
  • Balancing out your inner drivers and motivators
  • Working on individual cases
  • Self-Coaching tools for rest, relaxation and resilience
  • Evaluation and transfer

Case Study

Barbara Schmidt is the assistant manager of the project management team at an international manufacturing company, where she is not only responsible for helping leading the team, she is also responsible as an assistant to the head of the project management department. In the morning, when she wakes up, there are usually about 60 E-Mails sitting in her inbox. In the subway on the way to the office, she attempts to sort through and answer her unopened E-Mails, while also continuously being interrupted from various calls from her boss. Every day it’s this same story. Really, it’s no wonder she feels constantly as if she is „running on empty“ and that her exhaustion is negatively affecting both her productivity and the quality of her work. The true wake-up call for Barbara came, when one of her coworkers had to call in sick after falling extremely ill due to burnout. After hearing about her sick coworker, Barbara looked online for a solution to her problems, and found out about trainings for resilience.


The purpose of this training is to identify signs of burnout within yourself and others, as well as how to develop resilience as a key leadership skill. You will develop effective strategies that reflect your modern-day leadership lifestyle.


The methods we will use in the training include:

  • Plenary discussions
  • Input by consultant
  • Team work
  • Interactive activities and movement
  • Individual case studies
  • Self-analysis

Target Group:

Our resilience training is designed for executives and managers at all levels, as well as project managers/leaders who either currently are or will shortly be leading teams either in person or virtually.

Price & number of participants

  • Price: 1.630,- USD or 1390,- € + VAT - Inquire about reduced group rates!
  • Number of participants: 1-12 persons. Guarantee: Even if we receive only one registration, the training will take place (without any extra charges)!


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