Your Roadmap for Agile Transformation
Your Roadmap for Agile Transformation!

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with this newsletter we take the first steps with you on the way to a journey. A journey to agility within your company, your team or your personal work.

In our editorial you will learn what is means to have an Agile Mindset. And how cultural agility inspires leaders to gain clarity quickly and to respond flexibly and sustainably in an ever-demanding complex business world.

Our Agile-to-Fragile Breakthrough Coaching can be of great help to guide you through the process.

You will also be inspired by our range of events. Be it the Leadership Activation Workshop, an intercultural training for Germany or our training "Employee Motivation in times of Global Leadership". We will gladly accompany you!

You will also discover our latest blog posts covering topics such as working from home, change management and new market opportunities in Southeast Asia.

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From Fragile to Agile - Let your company grow

Businesses today need to be flexible and agile to survive in the so-called VUCAD² world. VUCAD² describes the increasing speed and frequency of change as a growing part of our everyday lives and business. VUCAD² is the acronym for Volatility, Uncertainty, increasing Complexity and Ambiguity, Dynamics & Diversity.

Any strategy for an Agile transformation starts with an Agile Mindset. An Agile Mindset is a set of attitudes and beliefs that support working in an Agile environment. [...]

Fragile-to-Agile Breakthrough Coaching Programme

Our ‘Fragile-to-Agile Breakthrough Coaching Programme’ is designed to support you as a leader whose job it is to make sense of a complicated and turbulent world and how to respond to it faster and sustainably. This programme helps you:

...embracing a growth mindset

...adapting behaviours,

...securing tools that deliver enhanced customer value

...improve team performance, and achieve better business results.

Learn more about our programme
Marina Ibrahim
Marina Ibrahim

Marina Ibrahim, Cultural Agility expert and developer of the „Fragile-to-Agil-Breakthrough Coaching Programme“, can help you find out how this programme can activate the agility of your organisation, leadership and people - feel free to arrange an exploratory call.

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Our next events

From team and leadership development to intercultural competence to change management, we support companies and organizations cross-culturally to prepare for and accompany skilled employees and managers in the successful mastering of their challenges. Discover our next events:

Leadership Activation Workshop
Leadership Activation Workshop
15 June 2022
690 € p.p. (plus VAT)
More about the event
Intercultural Training: Beyond Oktoberfest, Chocolate and Ball Room Dancing – Doing Business in German-Speaking Europe
Intercultural Training: Beyond Oktoberfest, Chocolate and Ball Room Dancing – Doing Business in German-Speaking Europe
18 October 2022
490 € p.p. (plus VAT)
More about the event
Employee Motivation in times of Global Leadership
Employee Motivation in times of Global Leadership
27 October 2022
490 € p.p. (plus VAT)
More about the event
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